Monday, May 08, 2017

One flew over the cuckoo nest/ another day with a violent psych patient

There is a dent in the wall in one of our rooms. It was put there by somebody's fist of course. A mental health patient who just couldn't cozy up to the idea of being admitted.

So they went berserk. Wasn't my patient. I was in another room doing something while this was going on. Honestly it's like a horror movie in our ER sometimes.  The yelling, cursing, the gnashing of teeth.  The sound of someone being taken down, restrained and sedated.

The nurse is the giver of the shot in this situation. We are the one running to get the B52 (benadryl, haldol, ativan).  You hope they can hold the person still long enough to hit the target.

Well now you've gone and done it Henrietta. Because of you I have to do the charting from hell.  The every 15 minute restraint charting.  May a bird fly up your nose for that.

It takes about a half an hour for you to stop yelling at the top of your lungs, pushing against the restraints. Finally we all have some peace, your screaming still ringing in my ears.  Please stay quiet at least til the end of my shift....

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Anonymous said...

Yet it is still screaming in Henrietta's head long after your shift ends.
I understand your empathy fatigue. I have had it too. Reading your blog was the cure.
I hope writing it is too.