Saturday, September 10, 2016

Coming to a town near you

From Massachusetts Nurses Association:

RN ALERT: Commonwealth Wants to Allow Unlicensed People to Administer All Medications to 

Patients in Any Setting, including Acute Care Hospitals and Schools

FYI for nurses and everyone making calls on the unlicensed medication administration proposal:
Gov. Charlie Baker has already begun trying to deflect blame on this issue. But he owns this dangerous plan. Baker has appointed six of the 14 current members of the Board of Registration in Nursing, which has proposed allowing unlicensed people to administer medication. The executive director of the board is also a Baker appointee.

Baker came into office declaring he would overhaul state regulations. This proposal would do just that, and in doing so jeopardize patient safety. Baker’s plan would endanger patients in every health care setting. Call Gov. Baker at 617-725-4005. Tell him you know it is his plan, proposed by his appointees, and urge him to stop #BakersBadMedicine.

nurses strike in minneapolis

Right now, as we speak, 4800 nurses are striking Allina Healthcare in Minneapolis Minnesota.  The issues are health insurance, workplace violence and staffing.

The corporation wants to take away the union insurance and put them on a high deductible insurance. The nurses want 24/7 emergency room security, safety measures put in place.  Better staffing and a policy that charge nurses don't have to take patients.

Nurses are standing up for themselves and we need to support them.  Go to Minnesota Nurses Association and show your support.