Tuesday, October 28, 2014

shitty poltiicians play games with ebola

Political opportunists are using the ebola situation to further their ambitions. They try to act like their quarantine policies are for the good of the public, but they are a cynical attempt to keep themselves in the press.

No one with any sense thinks that healthcare workers who have worked with ebola patients shouldn't be closely monitored.  Obviously. We have already seen two nurses caring for an ebola patient become positive.

Do nurses need to be placed in tents? Of course not.  They can be monitored at home. That whole debacle was ridiculous and I admire Kaci Hickox for standing up for herself.

Now more and more states are imposing these quarantine rules on health care workers.  Here is my problem with it: Why are just the people coming back from Africa being quarantined?  Why aren't all the healthcare workers who have worked with ebola patients, including those in NYC not being quarantined. Therein lies the blatant political side of this. If these politicians were concerned about public safety this would apply to all workers, not just those from Africa.

A terrible situation in Africa gets worse every day. These games being played will only discourage HCWs from going there to help.  It will also discourage nurses here from being willing to care for the patients who may come to their door.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

the brave nurses who cared for Thomas Duncan

If you want to hear what it was really like to treat Thomas Duncan, read this story about the brave nurses volunteered to care for him.

nurses: take a look at your future if you care for patients with ebola

This ebola thing just gets better and better...**

Kaci Hickok, the nurse who is now quarantined in a tent outside a New Jersey hospital has hired a civil rights lawyer.  Here's the thing: She is going to get herself out of the quarantine.

You can't single out a group of individuals who decided to go to Africa to help with ebola, but let the ones caring for ebola patients here just go home every night.  If you are going to put Kaci in a tent, then you have to put them all in tents.  How long do you think those nurses will continue to care for ebola patients if they are told they are spending the next 3 weeks in a tent?  Not very long.

What if they are single parents?  Who is going to take care of their children?  Who is going to pay them when they are in quarantine? Obviously this has not been thought through.

I got an idea...anybody who had anything to do with or will have anything to do with  any ebola patient should be put in a mandatory quarantine.  If you were on the same bus, quaratine, live in the apartment building quarantine.  You walked on the same street?  Quarantine.  I don't know if you picked something up along the way.

Lets have thousands in quarantine now.  It makes sense.  It makes about as much sense as grabbing Kaci at the airport and putting her in a tent with a portapotty.

**this is the actually tent she is staying in.

nurses become pariahs after taking care of ebola patients

OK let me get this straight, the nurse who landed in Newark friday from West Africa, where she worked for a month caring for ebola patients, is currently being held in a tent outside the hospital? Is this a joke?

Wow. She has shown no symptoms of ebola.  She sat at the airport for 7 hours, then was taken lights and sirens with people wearing the full isolation equipment to the hospital where she has tested negative twice. She is now being held against her will in this tent with a porta potty, no shower facilities. So this is how we are going to treat people who have the courage to go to Africa to help?

The people who are caring for the doctor at the hospital, WHO ACTUALLY HAS EBOLA, are going home to their families at the end of their shifts and going about their normal business of life.  How does this make sense? It doesn't.

This is craziness. Isn't there some kind of happy medium?  This is what happens when politicians start being in charge of medical problems they know little about.  Makes me wonder what would happen if there was a real epidemic in the country.

Not only will this discourage people from going to Africa, but it sends a message to nurses who care for ebola patients in hospitals: you will become a pariah. That's why a lot of nurses are going to say, hell no, I'm not taking care of that patient.