Wednesday, May 03, 2017

An ode to the nurse who saved Jimmy Kimmels baby

This past Monday a nurse at children's hospital Los angels  noticed that comedian Jimmy Kimmels newborn baby had a murmur and was cyanotic and brought it to the newborn intensive care unit for further evaluation. That triggered a rush of activity that lead to a diagnosis of a congenital heart defect and heart valve problem and surgery to save the baby's life.

Here's what the public doesn't understand: Nurses do this every day.  We save lives. We are there twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week watching over your loved ones. We are the ones who notice trouble on the horizon. We trigger the alarm that leads to intervention to often save your life.  Our years of experience can make the difference between life and death.

I'm going to talk us up now. The truth is, nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. We are the reason it has not collapsed completely.  We hold it up. We hold it up as it gets increasingly complicated, more demanding, all consuming for those working in it.

The public has no idea what we really do. They still see us in the old white uniform, nurse cap era. We are the comforters, the soothers, the bed pan carriers, food tray passers, bed makers.  Those days have been gone for a long time.

Today we manage complex patients in the intensive care unit who would die without all the sophisticated technology around them, keeping them alive.  Who is managing all that? The nurse. We keep tiny premature babies alive in the newborn intensive care unit.  We manage your cardiac arrest in the emergency room, your life threatening gunshot wound. We deal with an overwhelmed mental health system, often dealing with violent patients. We make sure the condition you were admitted with doesn't worsen, that surgery you had doesn't have complications. Out of the hospital, we try very hard to keep you out of the hospital in clinics. We care for your mom and dad in nursing homes.  

My job is overwhelming. It changes daily. It gets harder daily. People like you demand more of me daily. I am emotionally, mentally, physically exhausted when I go home a lot of the time. Many people go to school to be a nurse, start a job, then quit because it is too hard. It is, but fortunately many choose to stay.

I could not do this job without the many colleagues who I work with: LPNS, nursing assistants, EMTS,  admitting departments, dietary departments, housekeeping, pharmacies, radiology, etc., too numerous to name.  Lastly, without the physicians, nurse practicioners, physician assistants who answer the alarm I trigger, none of this would make any difference.

My job is complicated. I've made that clear. Probably the most important thing I do is not very complicated, I comfort you, reassure you, sometimes hold your hand, tell you everything will be all right. I  stand there with your wife, husband, children, friend, or by myself, just a presence, so you won't be alone. Out of all the things I do in this complicated medical world, that's my most important job.


jimbo26 said...

Thank you .

metronurse said...

Alleluia, sister.

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We hold it up as it gets increasingly complicated, more demanding, all consuming for those working in it.
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Anonymous said...

Annnnd... The public still give the physicians all of the credit. It's awesome how a physician can just look at a patient for maybe 15 - 20 minutes, tops, and know exactly what to do to improve that patient's health. Totally, totally awesome, ain't it. Physicians are like GODS or something. WOW!

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