Thursday, May 16, 2013

wheelchair follies

This elderly confused man is picked up by medics on the street.  Here's the thing: He uses an electric wheelchair. Of course the medics can't take the wheelchair with them to the hospital....

So, what, you are asking will happen to the wheelchair?  It will be towed away like a car and
put in an impound lot.  Yeah, I'm not kidding.

I wonder if he will have to pay to get it out?  Chances are he doesn't have a van to cart his wheelchair what?

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Crusty ER TECH said...

*Scratches chin* I never heard of this solution before. I see how it is possible, I totally believe you. I never ran across this problem when I was on the ambulance.

I have seen ambulance crews lift these electric wheelchairs/scooters onto their ambulances and transport them along with their patients. It's a tight fit though and hard on the back. I have also seen ALS crews call BLS crews just to pick up the electric wheel chair/scooter.

I have also seen these electric wheelchairs and scooters crammed into trunks of cop cars and put into the back of ambulance supervisor SUV's as well. Patients will refuse sometimes if their wheel chair or urban outdoorsman belongings cannot be transported. There is some creative problem solving going on out there for sure!