Saturday, December 20, 2014

m. candy sat.

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Anonymous said...

M.Candy. "veteran Nurse" really??? This is what you've got??????? Veteran nurse since 1990..., I used to be an aircraft mechanic for TWA until I couldn't take being laid off any longer and my nurse mother of 20 years told me "You should try nursing are's easy.." (What a complete mind *uck)... I have taken care of the son and lost the life of in the Trauma room, my most revered trauma instructor...I lost the life of the mother of one of the handful of ER nurses that only "you!!!" can can talk too when you have had one of the most "GO* DAM*D!!!!" POOPYEST ER of days mothers!!!! I have gazed into the eyes of my closest ER nurse friend as we pronounced her husband dead!!!! In the trauma of our inner city ER !!!!!!! If I have to talk about the 11 Y/O little girl that died of electricution on my shif..Christmas will only be with you...ALL of the VETERAN ER nurses are NO veteran if this is what bothers you...they giggle inside..ROOKIE!