Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sepsis is the new black

The manufacturers of vancomycin,  zithromax and ceftriaxone must be very happy right now. They are selling millions of dollars worth of their products as doctors over react to new sepsis guidelines.

Eighteen years old, temp of 101, heart rate 94?  You are automatically possibly septic these days.  You're gettin' a shit load of and antibiotics galore.

My queston is, with superbugs like MRSA, VRE, MDRO from overuse of antibiotics, how is all of this not going to help develop new strains?  What about things like c diff?

I get that sepsis is a huge problem and kills many people, but is this the answer?


Natasha Becky said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm 18 years old with Crohn's disease, and chronic tachycardia. My temperature is always ~101.5, my heart rate is always >100, and often my temperature is 102+ and my heart rate is 150+ for no definitive reason and I don't feel sick at all.