Monday, November 30, 2015

Romeo saves Juliet

This is proof I am behind the times....

So, let's say you are Romeo and Juliet, two star crossed lovers if there ever were any.
You share everything, as young lovers do, including your heroin addiction.   Yes you like to trip the light fantastic together.

So one day Romeo and Juliet decide today the light fantastic wI'll be tripped.  You want to try the new stuff from the new dealer.  Little do you know that this new stuff is more potent than you are used to. Juliet passes out.  She isn't dproblemo!! You whip out your narcan nasal spray, give her a couple of squirts and wa-la! Juliet comes back to life!

You live happily ever after....or maybe not. Actually I doubt it.

Yes it seems that narcan, that old reliable opioid reverser is available at your local drugstore.  Over the counter.   Me, I didn't know about this. The interesting thing is the OTC narcan is available in a nasal spray or a self injector.   Nasal spray cost? $20.
Self injector cost? $570 or so.   The injector talks you through the use.

Interesting....maybe we shoulder issuing these in the ER.

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