Friday, June 10, 2016

there is hope for nursing yet

Nurses are bad at standing up for themselves. Why is that? Is it because we were taught to be good little boys and girls who always behave? Is it because deep down inside we don't think we deserve any better? Is it because it's a way of taking care of other people, not wanting to make them feel bad, even if they shit on us? After all, we are caretakers to the bottom of our souls.

We are professionals with college degrees who do a complex job that requires skill and brains.  Yet we are often treated like children by our administrators,  stupid servants by doctors and bad mothers by patients and their families.

We as a profession, ALLOW ourselves to be treated this way. It drives me absolutely INSANE.  I have told mysef, too many times to count, that I was not cut out to be a nurse.  I am a fighter, a rebel, outspoken.  I don't fit in with the profession. Never will.

All of this seems depressing, yeah? Don't despair my little flower blossom. Alas, every once in a while, we, the nurses, stand up for ourselves. We actually say -ENOUGH!

I am part of one of those *ENOUGH* moments right now. It's a beautiful thing to watch.


Unknown said...

A whole lot of nurses here in New Zealand are watching our US Nurse sisters and brothers with pride (and of course, regret that you even have to) as you stand up for your selves and your patients.

dennis said...

social and economic equity is a right for each health worker.

aliyaa said...

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nurse anonymous said...

This is the problem
nursing is a profession with care at it's core
society doesn't value this attribute
nurses are too meek
there is no professional unity as we backstab each other because if there's no one lower to kick then it winds sideways.
I have to say it's almost refreshing to realise it's happening over the pond perhaps even on a wordwide scale. Why? Because I'm a backstabbing, meek, caring nurse who like the rest of us probaby verges on having a personality disorder. Why else would you choose this career?
Keep fighting though x

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