Friday, March 31, 2017

Welcome to the hellhole

Emergency rooms are not what they used to be. Gone are the days of lacerations, sprained ankles, appys, replaced by people with complex medical histories who are now septic, have had MI's, strokes, etc. In other words our patients are train wrecks.

Add to that the frequent flyer nutbags, drunks, overdoses.  Throw in an explosion of the mentally ill, especially adolescents, you have a picture of the modern day ER. In other words everybody gets an IV, meds, 25 lab tests, a UA, at least one xray and probably a CT.  You may be the lucky winner of the numerous MRI's and CT heart angios we are now doing out of the ER.

You can expect to wait most days a minimum of 2 hours. You can expect at least one of the numerous mental patient who have been sitting in ER for 1-4 days to get out of control, possibly needing to be restrained, during your stay in the ER.

Woder where your nurse is? She or he are spending most of their time charting about things that have nothing to do with why you are here, but but are required anyway.

Yes your ER  has become a mecca for the chronically ill, the elderly, the mentally ill and hood rats from the neighborhood. You can expect to meet them in the crowded waiting room. Throw in a few smelly homeless people, jittery drug seekers, moaning drama queens and you get the idea. You will hear languages from all over the world. It's a United Nations out there. We take everybody.  We can't turn anyone away.


Anonymous said...

And then their next stop is the pharmacy with a new prescription......

Pharm. Tech. RDC'06

girlvet said...


Wendy said...

This is one of the most accurate depictions of the ER I've read in awhile. But wait... what about the press gamey? ;)

Anonymous said...

Not much different from my life in Houston 30 years ago, really, except JCAHO and mandatory electroninc charting (PPACA beat JCAHO to that twist) have added to the travails. Still, it all sounds familiar.

Rachedy said...

Yep sounds like my er. All these ppl 55 plus with chronic problems that exacerbate frequently and require a full work up each time. Not to mention they can't lift their butt off the bed to assist in clothing removal. Like, how do you get dressed and undressed at home? Oh, just went through a full work up claiming cp or sob, all a ruse just to get a Vicodin script and run out of the er yelling and swearing when you don't get it? You actually went through a cta of the chest for that?

Ppl are ridiculous and I'm convinced most of America is on drugs.

Anonymous said...

If they are that desperate for something, that should teach us something about how they feel without it. Seems like common sense, no?

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