Friday, February 18, 2011

code brown

What's better really than cleaning up a giant pool of diarrhea from under the body of a 300 lb man or woman? This is why I went to nursing school. This is why I worked hard to pass chemistry and microbiology. So I could hold my breath while I sopped up your poo poo.I live for this shit (pun intended). There are worse jobs than mine - I could be working in the laundry that receives the linens from the poo poo patients. There is a BAD job. There is always a job worse than your own.

Can you tell its been a bad week? Every day worse than the next. People in the hallway. People being held in the ER. Waiting room full of PEOPLE. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. Just when you think you are caught up in triage, a few more PEOPLE. Go away PEOPLE. Go home to your own toilets. You have a virus. It too will pass, There is no need for you to come to the ER for your VIRUS. Tough it out at home. You can do it. The world is not ending because you vomited a few times, made a few trips to the bathroom.

If the world did a simple thing like WASH YOUR HANDS a lot of money would be saved and a lot of poo could be avoided and a lot of ER nurses could be happier. And believe me, you want the ER nurses of the world to be happy.

How was your week?


Sarah Glenn said...

Okay, you have made me feel better about my job. :)

I will remember to wash my hands - a LOT. And to try Imodium first before bothering you.

Unknown said...

haha. seriously. i read this blog often because it gives me a good laugh at the foolishness we have to deal with everyday we come to work. ah. some of these people are ridiculous. Im sure in triage you have the folks that bring in trashbags or old grocery bags full of vomit! Really, I believe you vomited, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE 8 HOUR OLD SHIT!

Nikki said...

Hi the truth is hilarious!!! but only a nurse really understands!!! now right! From one nurse to another...your blog is hysterical!! Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

you wouldn't believe the number of people I try and keep from running into ED the first sight of vomit or diarrhea.....what is with that???

Ron said...

Oh don't get me started. I love the 3am pt that comes in with back pain...that they've had for 4 months! Why now, at 3am, do you decide to come to my ER?

I had one last night. Family brought Grandma in because she wasn't "acting right". Hello? She
s 86 years old and lives in a nursing home. How "right" do you want her to act. She carried on a conversation with me. The ambo notes said she sat at the foot of her bed and conversed with the medic just fine. Ugh!

Unknown said...
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