Monday, July 18, 2011

ER nursing is all about timing

I was telling one of our techs the other day that ER nursing is all about timing.

I be bein' an ER nurse a long time and I know the tricks of the trade. Its all about self preservation at this point in my "career". I no longer have the need to take more patients than everybody else. I like criticals but I'm not going to knock another nurse down to get to one. That shit is for the newbies and the less than about 5 yearbies.

Means of self preservation: Take my load right away and deal with it, whats coming next may be a lot worse. If I see frequent flyer mary is coming by ambulance and I have had her 100 times, hmmmmm...bed 3 needs to be revitaled about now. I am not above using friendship with the current triage nurse to not put a bad frequent flier in my area. Hey...relax...I'll return the favor when I'm in triage. When I have my limit, sorry inept fellow ER nurse, not taking another one. I'll be in the med room. Deal with it.

You might think this isn't a good thing. Oh well. I am for the equal distrubution of wealth in the ER. I'm a commie in the ER.


Nurse K said...

There really are few patients that truly monopolize your time, so, whatever, there's always room for one more. There really isn't anything that *stressful* going on for me anymore, except maybe a really sick kid. An adult code doesn't even raise my HR any more. The only stressful thing for me is literally seeing f'in layzee techs on the Internet when I have some stuff I need to delegate.

Just bring em back and I'll line and lab 'em before the doctor even sees them and then they're out in no time*. Another chink on my belt of thousands and thousands of patients seen.

*=6 hrs if Dr. Big Work-Up, 1 hr if Dr. No Bullshit.

binkRN said...

I totally hear ya on the taking the load now because the unknown or next patient may be worse. I think that a lot these days.
I have my limit, and know when I cannot take another, but- I will always assist my colleagues when they need it, and often offer to take over one of their patients once my load lightens if triage isn't gifting us anyone new.
And the arm wrestling nurses for criticals and the like? Yeah, totally over that. I am more like- oh, you want those 4 plus the red patient coming through the door- more power to ya- can I help you with a line?
There are a few patient populations who still get me to shake in my Dansko's- but it gets better everytime.

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