Saturday, July 30, 2011

saturday funny page

OK, I admit it, I have the sense of humor of a 9 year old boy. You know toilet humor, farts, etc.

Don't ask me how I got to looking for toilets from around the world. Just know that there really was a logic for what led to the subject. Ha. Also, I have no life, so looking up stupid stuff is what I do most of the time. Really, I can't walk on my infected foot right now and I have a lot of time on my hands to surf the net. Wait a minute, why do I feel the need to explain myself to you?? Maybe it is because I am a grown woman, I don't know....

So I found this site which talks about toilets around the world. The funniest one is the Japanese high tech toilet:

"In Japan, you might be hovering over a hole in the ground (see China Squatter above) or you have arm rests with remote controls that make your stay on the seat very enjoyable and luxurious. The high tech extreme is quite difficult to master. Like flying a space shuttle, this toilet has buttons for just about any bathroom predicament you may find yourself in, specifically: a noise button to mask the sound of whatever you need to do while in the john (yodeling for instance), one that activates a blow dryer, a clock to time your visit (handy for when you’re competing with your Japanese friends), amongst many intricate others. It seems like you need at least an associate’s degree in computer technology to operate this type of machinery."

Here is the site: How to Use Toilets Around the World (I LMAO)


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

The footprint tracings give me pause...

Dan said...

I spent my senior year of college in Japan doing a homestay. They proudly told me they had a "western-style" toilet I could use (much better than the typical squatty potty most houses have).

Anyhow, it had a lot of weird buttons on it. I started experimenting with them. One heated up the seat to the temperature of hot lava. Another did indeed start a blow dryer. And the best one (best for a surprise!) extended a little arm that shot hot water at your butt. I just about levitated from that one!

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