Sunday, December 11, 2011

a Charlie Brown christmas in ER

So I have mentioned before the politically correct, generic christmas decorations that the hospitals puts up every year. NEWS FLASH!! There is a change in christmas decorations for the ER this year. Apparently the Politically Correct, We Love Everybody Committee decided that the ER needed something new.

In our lobby there is this large square thing that normally holds fake foilage. Every year they remove the fake foilage and put in a fake Christmas tree. Well this year we didn't get one tree, but three! The thing is they are small pathetic looking scraggly trees. They have the usual gold decorations. One tree has a ribbon just on the bottom of it.

I was thinking that maybe there weren't enough decorations from last years tree, since about half are probably stolen each year...So they divided the remaining decorations into three small trees. The thing is, the trees resemble the Charlie Brown Christmas tree x 3.

I mean I know reimbursement is down, but geez. I long for the old days when one of the ER staff brought in a revolving Christmas tree and it was in the back of triage. It was great.

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