Monday, December 19, 2011

HIPAA gone wild

ER nurse calls report. Patient goes to room.

Fifteen minutes later, ER nurse calls patients station to give family phone number to patients nurse.

Asks how patient is doing.

Patients nurse tells ER nurse that she cannot give out that information because it would be a HIPAA violation.,,,

Just kill me now.


Tex said...

Hey, you can use that. Next time don't give verbal report, just send the patient up citing HIPAA.

Anonymous said...

I lost my job of 18 years for HIPAA. It still hurts bad. Lost all my friends and the job I loved. I followed up in a chart to see if she was getting better from her HELP syndrom. Life just suck sometimes.

girlvet said...


I like it! I'm gonna try that.

Nurse K said...

Technically, Ms. Floor Nurse is correct, but the fact that she's correct is obviously f'in stupid.

When I'm House Resource Nurse, I go visit my interesting patient(s) of the previous day or so if there is nothing else to do. It's not a HIPAA violation if the patient/family tell you what's up themselves! 100.000% of patients/families happy the ER nurse came up for a visit/was concerned.