Tuesday, June 05, 2012

resistant clap, coming to your town

Via white coat. This is some scary shit. If this don't make you wear a condom, or insist your sex partner wear a condom, you are crazy. It seems the clap (gonnorhea) is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. There is worry that it will eventually become resistant to all antibiotics.

Complications of untreated gonorrhea:

Women: PID, infertility, tubal pregnancies

Men: epididymitis, infertility

For many years, starting in the 1980's, behavior around unprotected sex changed due to fear of HIV. As HIV has become a chronic treatable disease, it is no longer in the news as much and the fear of it has decreased, leading to less fear of unprotected sex. Young people today didn't go through the era when those with HIV were treated like lepers.

I wish we could give out condoms in the ER. I suppose if we did, some right wing fanantics would say we are encouraging promiscuity. Thats why things like this happen - we can't face reality. You aren't going stop people from having sex, obviously. Condoms should be free and available all over the place.

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Robert Hewes said...

You aren't going stop people from having sex, obviously.

My understanding is that you guys can't always stop them from having sex in the ED!