Thursday, June 21, 2012

your mother doesn't work here

What makes people think that they have the right to come into the ER and act like complete jerks?

I'm really trying to understand why you come up to the triage desk and act rude and disrespectful - throw your ID on the desk, ask the nurse to go in your purse and get your ID because you have an owie on your finger and can't possibly get it out yourself.

Most people would say, well these people are just jerks in their lives period. Probably so, but there is more to this, people. I have seen people who are living what you would think are normal lives, with nice families turn into a 2 year old in the ER over small stuff.

The whole "they are under stress and people react weird to stress" argument doesn't fly either. It almost feels like when someone decides they need to go to the ER for what they perceive is a problem, they revert to childhood. They cross the threshold of the entrance and become a kid.

You know how when you were a kid and you got a boo boo, you went running to your mother for sympathy, and mom always made it better? You were the center of moms universe for a few moments. That is the kind of mentality that seems to be at work in the ER. People want attention, they want it now or they are going to hold their breath til they turn blue. They throw a tantrum.

Its very bizarre, the behavior that happens in ER. I would bet most people would not even think of acting the way they do in an ER anywhere else. Some days it feels like we have a bunch of pouting 2 year olds in the lobby. Guess what? Your mother doesn't work here.


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered the same thing...and why do people who are ambulatory and self sufficient at home suddenly, upon entering the ER doors become incapacitated? They are unable to pick up a glass of water, speak in a big girl/boy voice, pull the sheet up or move their own pillow. At my place of work, we have given this a induced paralysis!

Anonymous said...

"Its very bizarre, the behavior that happens in ER. I would bet most people would not even think of acting the way they do in an ER anywhere else. "

I dunno, I think you might be wrong there. Have you taken a good look at the general public lately? There are an awful lot of assholes out there. The ED may exacerbate their already borderline personalities, but down deep they're probably pretty much how they appear.

Anonymous said...

And upon discharge, they manage to find their way to the pharmacy to continue their helplessness. All they know is they need their meds and "It's always free" and "I don't know where my Medicaid card is - can't you just look it up?" All while giving a blank stare with mouth hanging open. Ugh!

CheylRN said...

I want to know why they become totally incapable of getting out of a car when they roll up to the ER. I'm not talking about Grams or Gramps who really might need help. I'm talking about the twentysomething that has a splinter in his finger and suddenly he needs help getting out of the car and a WHEELCHAIR.

Adam Gill said...
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