Wednesday, August 29, 2012

are nurses going insane?

Are nurses going insane? Has the pressure become too much?

Recently a nurse through a kidney that was supposed to be transplanted into the garbage. I guess I wonder how that would happen. Did she/he mean to throw away the kidney that was removed? Is that what they do with the old kidney? Who knows....

Another 68 year old nurse set like 17 fires because she had taken care of people all of her life, no one paid any attention to her or cared about her. Well I guess everybodys paying attention to you now...

I hate when nurses are in the news for bad stuff. Makes the rest of us look bad.

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Kim Hong said...

Unfortunately, the saying is "if it bleeds, it leads!" According to Mediascope, a non-profit media research and policy organization, "Market research suggests that stories of crime and violence increase newscasts' ratings." This finding drives news directors to deliver more crime-related stories to their audiences.