Saturday, September 01, 2012

ya got dem sticky fingers

I work for this big healthcare system that has a few hospitals. So with the "standardization" of all the hospitals, decisions come from on high that are implemented at all the hospitals. They don't always implement it at the same time. Like we are going to bedside barcoding, meaning scanning the wristband and the medication before giving meds. La la la. Patient safety blah blah blah.

We were the last ER and last department in all the hospitals to get the training. They installed the nifty barcode readers a month ago. They kind of look like a laser gun. When you push a button on it a red light comes on, there is a red cross that appears that you are supposed to put in the middle of the scan dealybob on the wristband and medication.

Well it seems that the local ghetto geniuses who frequent our ER, decided to see what the hell this new fangled thing is. Oh cool its like a laser gun. I can put a red cross in the middle of your forehead!! So what did they do? They took four of them before we even started the whole barcoding thing. $500 a pop.

The genuises who come up with these fancy new doodads don't get that we are in a ghetto where a lot of people have sticky fingers. They take things that are worthless to them, but take them nonetheless.

Another day in paradise.


Nurse K said...

LOVE IT. Right drug, right junkie, right route (IV, snort, PO).

I'm wondering what our hoodlums are doing with the $10,000 bronchoscope they stole. Probably up someone's butt as we speak.

Mark p.s.2 said...

Maybe the lack of intelligence goes with the stealing. Which came first though? Some would say the lack of intelligence came first (from their DNA), but if you don't feed and teach children as they grow up, you get stupid adults. It is not DNA, it is the environment.

Rain23 said...

I once caught a woman stealing Hemoccult developer out of the stool testing box in the bathroom (she also had a nice selection of linens, all the toilet paper and -ew- an obviously used urinal in her bag of hospital holding).

When I said "Hey, what you doing?" she first told me it was none of my business, she was paying for all this stuff (not), then proceeded to rant about our "keeping dangerous **** around" after I informed her those weren't eyedrops and putting them in her eyes or anyone else's would likely cause blindness. She thought she was scamming some free Artificial Tears or something.

The relative she was visiting was female. I don't want to know where she stole the urinal. I just hope she didn't have some nice old confused guy's dentures in her pocket, too.