Tuesday, December 11, 2012

bless me father for I have sinned

I had an older man who got his first tattoo at 72 years old.  Then he got another one after that.  One on each arm. They actually didn't look bad.  He was kind of a heavy man so his skin didn't sag where the tattoos were.  Apparently his kids wanted him to get them. His sister was mad he got one at his age.

When he went to the tattoo parlor he asked the person doing it if he was her oldest customer. He wasn't.  She told him that there was an older women she had done.  Being a religious women, she went to her priest and asked what kind of tattoo would be okay.  The priest told her a cross. So thats what she got.

I really enjoyed taking care of this guy.  He seemed to enjoy life and have a lot of fun. He made my day go faster.

Got any interesting tattoos?


Sara said...

EMS star of life on the inside of my right ankle, just above the malleous.

My plan is once I become an RN (God willing, next summer) and get a full-time job, I'll add the nursing caducens to it so the two look like one!

Gwen said...

On my left upper arm I have a mother's Celtic knot with ivy wrapped around the individual lines. It is a memorial tattoo to my wonderful mother-in-law. I also have a beautiful black sun right above my right ankle that I received after I got out of the Air Force.

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