Saturday, December 01, 2012

i want money

Interesting development.  The corporation I work for is offering a pretty good bonus if you recruit one of your experienced ER nurse friends to work for them.  Is this a sign that things are picking up in nurseland?

Is this the start of a shortage? I think that experienced nurses are sometimes hard to get these days. Most ERs don't want to hire non-experienced or new grads in ER.  Or ICU or other speciality areas.

Here's my take on it (hey, you knew I would have one). Nurses have not been leaving jobs because there haven't been an abundance of jobs.  We are afraid to leave a job during a recession. Some people have had their spouse laid off.

I see jobs picking up somewhat. I also know that: 1) older nurses are retiring 2) younger nurses are going back to school to be NPs and leaving  3) We are starting to see an increase in patients who are elderly (people are living into their 80's and 90's these days)

The first baby boomers are retiring. The explosion of older people and their medical problems is coming.  Obamacare is coming. You ain't seen nothing yet.

More money for us. Yeah! (rubbing my hands with glee) 


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