Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I have crossed over into....THE TWILIGHT ZONE

There is a frequent flyer that comes to our ER on a regular basis.  Usually he is found laid out on the street and some "good samaritan" calls 911. (Personally I think these good samaritans should come in and take care of the drunks they call about.)  

This guy is a mean drunk.  Passive aggressive. He verbally abuses the staff, then ten minutes later says he is scared. In other words a royal pain in the ass.  Recently detox decided they needed a vacation from him so they banned him for a couple of weeks. Wonderful.

So day I am at the triage desk and here comes Mr. mean drunk. He comes up and says that he left his ID in the ER.  Here's the thing: Mr. mean drunk is dressed in clean, decent clothes. He is not wasted.  He is probably .20 which for him is not drunk.  He is drunk at .40. So he is polite.  He goes to sit down while I look for his ID.  No fuss, no muss.

What in the BLUE HELL?!!  AM I ON CANDID CAMERA??? I look around to see if there is anyone hidden someplace filming me....Something isn't right here.  Is the world coming to an end?  Did I just have a polite exchange with Mr. mean drunk?  The guy who called me a DIRTY BITCH last week? I am afraid. Very afraid. The world has turned on its axis...(cue twilight zone music)  

Of course, we don't have it.  Mr. mean drunk isn't happy, says a loud "fuck!", but goes on his way out the door without a scene. It seems there is a human under all that mean drunkenness. Maybe...for a little while...until his next alcohol soaked visit anyway.

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