Saturday, April 05, 2014

Mr. sore throat and his "fiance" visit the ER

I really am sorry sir, I know your earache hurts but I'm afraid you and your "fiance" are going to have to have a seat in the lobby. Alas, there are no beds to be had. I know this is upsetting, but the other people in the lobby are just as upset  as you are..

Ms fiance, no we still don't have any rooms available. I see you are upset. Other people have gone ahead of your future husband? Oh you mean that 90 year guy with shortness of breath? Yes, I'm afraid he had to go ahead of you...

Oh sir you are back again...I have already explained the triage process a couple of times...Your agitated movements and yelling are not going to help. Exit, stage left, back to waiting room..

What is this, Mr sore throat is now shouting and swearing in the waiting room. security called.  Oh what's this, Mr sore throat is headed out the door?  Oh no. Here comes security.  The group heads out the ER door where a long conversation ensues between Mr sore throat and "fiance".  At one point, "fiance" takes a swing at security.

Off they go, Mr sore throat and his "fiance" down the street about a block where they call 911 for an ambulance. When the ambulance arrives and puts Mr. sore throat in the back, the medics say they are going to take them down to the county hospital, Mr. sore throat gets out of the ambulance and refuses to go.

Oh my.....what will become of Mr. sore throat and his "fiance"?


Anonymous said...

I swear... at least 30% of the people who frequent our ER are certifiable and some are so lacking insight they become the entertainment for the day...or fodder for a blog!

pineapple rn said...

At my hospital, rescue would have brought him right back to our ED via the ramp. From there, the ramp nurse would have sent him right back out to the waiting room to be triaged....again. Meanwhile, the staff would be laughing hysterically and pissing our pants.

Anonymous said...

You have a RAMP NURSE?! Someone heading them off at the pass? THAT'S AWESOME! I want one.

Nathan Geissel said...

Are you SURE that you aren't in Oregon?? Because this happens at least 3 times a day at my ED.... The entire staff just rolls their eyes and laughs as AMR rolls them right through the ED into the triage area.

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand how people go to the ER for the most minute things. Now a days there are walk-in clinics as well as urgent care centers open seven days a week, 365 days a year. People rather go to the ER and pay up to a $200+ copay or receive a huge bill, instead of going to a clinic or urgent care center where they can pay a 20 or 55 dollar copay, maybe a little more. On top of that, they know they will need to wait a ridiculous amount of time because every one else going to the ER is going to have a condition that will take priority over theirs. So you get more people sitting in the ER complaining and whining about why it's taking so long for them to be seen. The staff gets cranky in addition to the patients and everyone is annoyed. -MH