Sunday, July 27, 2014

another nail in the coffin

I almost ran screaming from the building a couple of days ago at work. THEY were down the hall. The people with the clipboards. I won't say who they are.  I do not want to put their dreaded name on my
Lets just say the name of their company rhymes with my friend Tess Haney....yes its THEM, the people I have heard about on other blogs.  THE people that are hated throughout the land

They are the people whose job it is to gather the SURVEYs, make the SCORES, make our lives a living hell. I can't believe my hospital hired THEM.  The thing is the hospital keeps harping on saving money, but they are no doubt spending hundreds of thousands on this company.  ??????

I can just see what is going to happen with this.  People are going to be individually singled out with this. They are going to be "re-educated".  Doctors are going to be even more kiss ass than they are now for fear of getting a bad score.

This is just another nail in the coffin. I just can't stomach this stuff.  I mean seriously, the whole patient satisfaction thing is going to be a nightmare. The thing is, people who work in medicine really do the best they can. Our job becomes more and more difficult.  The patients are needier and more difficult to deal with. Now all of this is going to be hanging over our heads.  Its just too much.


Anonymous said...

Here's some advice from a 20 year veteran: Your only hope is to refuse en masse. Hourly rounding, scripted lines - whatever they suggest just do NOT do it. Don't argue about why it is stupid, how it takes too much time or why it is complete bs. Just nod, say OK and then go about your business as usual. If they come up with some new piece of paperwork, do not fill it out. It will eventually go away or simmer down when management picks something else to worry about.

Ivan Ilyich said...

I was a patient and I, too, think P-G is stupid.

Anonymous said...

LOL, even if you refuse to participate, it's not going away, but you might. It's a response to a lil government mandated program that pays hospitals for performance and patient satisfaction. Ya don't like it, go work in a facility that does not get paid by medicare. Or, educate yourself in the reason behind the response and then go be an advocate for the unfair penalties that Medicare imposes.

Anonymous said...

The answer is to legalize drugs. You hospital people refuse to give drugs to drug seekers, and force drugs on those that don't want it, the crazy people.

So then you would only get the crazy people.