Sunday, May 03, 2015

yes we have no condoms, we have no condoms today

 Highlight of the day in triage:

Man walks swiftly up to triage desk. Opens mouth to speak. I notice he only has one tooth on top.

One tooth guy:  Do you have a condom?

Me: no

One tooth guy: You don't have condoms here?

Me: no

He turns around and walks out.  He wasn't there to be seen. He just wanted a condom. Maybe I should have said: Yeah, we have condoms, but we only have size small.  Is that okay?

Hey, I'm evil, what can I say?


Anonymous said...

What? If you had condoms why wouldn't you give him some? I'm also an ER nurse and we have infinite condoms in our clean utility. If the situation is different in your facility, why not direct him to the nearest drugstore/community service agency that could have provided him with some? Being a bitch isn't cute ma'am, and a publicly funded service deserves much better than you if that's your attitude. Educate yourself further or find a new job.

girlvet said...

Shut up you idiot I'm not in the mood

Elizabeth said...

I'd love to replay that comment to her after she has been on the job as long as us...Oh hell.. after she's been on the job a couple of years.
Will she still "direct him to the nearest drugstore"?..or will she realize she was a total idiot in this comment section today