Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dear Joy Behar and the rest of the intellectual giants on "the view"

Dear Joy Behar and the rest of the intellectual giants on the view:

I hope you never come to the emergency room where I work.  You probably expect me to be wearing a white uniform with white hose and a nurses hat.  That's me trailing the doctor looking at him adoringly (I only went into nursing to find a rich doctor) carrying HIS (in your world only men are smart enough to be doctors)
 clipboard from room to room.  I'm also carrying his STETHOS COPE. I'm not sure what it's for but it seems like it's something really important.

Guess what moron? Nurses are the people who keep your dumbass alive in the hospital. We are there 24/7 while the doctor is home in bed. You have no idea, nor would you ever understand, the complexities of my job.  I take care of babies in the neonatalk intensive care unit who weigh less than a pound at birth.  I take care of people who have had heart transplants, lung transplants. I take care of the little kid who was hit by a car whose life is hanging by a thread in the ER.  I have saved people's lives.  Today I'm taking care of your mother on the ventilator who is on continual dialysis with ten different infusions and my knowledge is keeping her alive.

What did you do at your job today? Oh I bet you wrote you wrote one of your cute little "jokes".


Every nurse in this country


donna said...


Donna RN,
flight nurse

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Nurses are the most magnificent people in the entire Universe. You Give, Give, Give until you cannot walk; you will have No Time to change your tampon until you are practically in TSS yourself; You will repeat yourself over and over without losing it so many times that you should have it on a tape recorder and win an Academy Award for your patience.

You are the best people that have ever been part of our lives; wonder how long it will take some folks to realize that ?~!

Thank you a gazillion times....

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