Friday, February 05, 2016

Doctor gets 30 years for overdose deaths

It  completely amazes me what the job of doctor has become. Being a doctor used to be a highly respected profession, so much so that doctors were godlike creatures that nobody questioned.

I myself have respect for many doctors but overall I have lost respect for the profession as a whole.  It has become a racket.  A money making racket. 

Doctors order thousands and thousands of unnecessary tests every year with the excuse they don't want to be sued for missing something. It is complete bullshit. This is done to bump up levels of care and increase billing.

Then there is the whole prescription drug problem.  In the news today, a doctor was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the overdose deaths of 3 of her patients.  She had a pattern of prescribing unnecessary pain pills. What a disgrace for the medical professiion.

Why do so many doctors give out pain med prescriptions?  To avoid unhappy patients. Because patients expect it. Because it's easier to do it. In other words for cowardly reasons.  Doctors could stand up, as a profession and stop this. They choose not to. As far as I'm concerned the addiction crisis lies squarely on their shoulders.

More and more the government and insurance companies are taking over how medicine is practiced.  Part of the reason is costs. Tests are ordered that are unnecessary creating a ridicously expensive health care system. Pretty soon the government will play a huge role in narcotic prescribing, since doctors can't regulate it themselves.  Doctors will have to justify every pill they prescribe. 

Doctoring used to be an honorable profession.  That ended years ago.


Maggie Ortiz said...

I agree completely. The medical profession has to be a happy medium for sure. The times that doctors are gods and shouldn't be questioned is long gone but wow we've gone way to the left where it's become a people pleasing service instead of a practice. I mean come on they went to medical school use your knowledge to diagnose symptoms, remember when we did that and didn't have to rely on expensive tests for simple diagnosis. The abuse of prescription medicine all around and not just narcotics. It's part of the legislature that our government passed. Don't kid yourself we are only in stage II of meaningful use and doctors are pressured and penalized if they do not write prescriptions for their patients. It's really out of control. I must agree there are a lot of physicians that I have little to no respect for because they see their profession as a status and will make money at whatever expense to the patients; spending little to no time with them and expecting the nurses to manage it all. Unless your a nurse you have no idea what we do and endure day in and day out. As a Trauma ICU/ER nurse I can tell you I've seen some pretty horrific things and have had to deal with some pretty unimaginable circumstances but no one sees that they focus on the physician. We are not respected and regarded in the manner in which we deserve!!!!!!!

pineapple rn said...

ER physicians and PAs bonuses are determined by meeting patient quotas and patient satisfaction. What a horrible way to "practice" medicine!! As long as administration gets positive survey results, they don't care what unnecessary tests or medications the patient gets. Research has shown that hospitals with the highest patient satisfaction rates also have the highest mortality rates (Arch Intern Med. 2012 Mar 12;172(5):405-11. doi: 10.1001/archinternmed.2011). I am not defending doctors. As a former ER nurse I was and am disgusted by the laziness and lack of diagnostic skill of many ER docs. I agree that the prescription medication addiction problem in this country is the entire fault of the doctors prescribing these meds instead of helping the patient get what they really need i.e. physical therapy, addiction counseling etc. As an ER nurse, I felt like I was part of the problem every time I had to give known drug seekers what they wanted.

Mark p.s.2 said...

Like mental illness, a pain level can't be measured, so its difficult for science to fix.

Adults are presumed too stupid to be able to handle drugs, so they made the drug laws in the year 1924 or there abouts.
Where I believe any competent adult should have access to any drug they wish to purchase.

"Doctors could stand up, as a profession and stop it ( having to make patients happy)" you wrote.

Not true. The doctors have no choice. The last place for the person driven crazy is the psych ward, where the doctor must make the person happy again.

aliya seen said...

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Anonymous said...

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