Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Home at last...

Me, after a bad 12 hour shift.
Yeah..I still wear the hat..SO WHAT!!


LauraBeth said...

Be a nurse, they said. It will be fun, they said....

But some people just DON'T get it! I recently had a conflict with someone on social media who was blaming doctors and nurses for the high costs of U.S. healthcare.

Economist blogger Matt Bruenig was recently a guest on the Slate podcast The Gist. During his interview, Bruenig made comments about how simple it would be to lower the costs of U.S. healthcare by freezing and ultimately lowering reimbursement rates. "Simply by freezing those payments, because the economy is going to grow, it will shrink. Right? It's relative size will shrink as a percentage of the economy."

When I confronted him on Twitter about his misdirected and overly simplistic view point (I cited the fact that lowered reimbursement rates have not shrunk U.S. healthcare costs and are contributing to the collapse of rural medicine), he went on to say that U.S. healthcare is so expensive because nurses and doctors get paid too much. He also said that my opinion was irrelevant and biased because as a nurse making $42/hour I am benefiting from this uniquely expensive system.

I would love some help defending my profession from narrow-minded, jerk-face opinions like this!

Here is the original Twitter feed:

Thank you so much!

Laura, RN-C, BSN, mother of two, and U.S. healthcare consumer

Anonymous said...

Even $25/hr starting pay for a beginning R.N. fresh out of school is too little compensation for the difficulty of education and passing the NCLEX-RN. $42/hr for an experienced R.N. is far too low, especially when you consider that nurses, not physicians, are doing the actual patient care that leads to positive outcomes. R.Ns.: Still overworked, underpaid, and given insufficient respect.

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