Thursday, May 26, 2016

E coli as enemy combatant

Here comes news that there is a super freak e coli strain that has now arrived in the United states.  It is apparently considered an enemy combatant  because it's arrival was announced by the department of defense.  This is a super bug that doesn't respond to ANY antibiotic.  It kills 50% of the people who get it.

What this brings to mind is the sepsis extravaganza that is going on every hospital
in this country.  If you have a temp of 99 and a pulse of 101 you are a possible sepsis.

If your labs are off - OMG!!!!!!- you get the triple whammy .  Ceftriaxone, Flagyl, Vancomycin for you. There will be no germ left in your body dammit!!

This is only the beginning of a long line of resistant organisms.  It's a science fiction movie come true.

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