Friday, September 02, 2011

bedbugs in triage

Why do people come to the ER for bedbugs? THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU. I am sorry you have bedbugs. Its an awful thing that no one wants. However, your bites can be treated by going to the drugstore. If you want to relieve the symptoms of your bites go to the drugstore and ask the pharmacist for some anti itch medication.

We don't want you to bring bedbugs to the emergency room. Then we will have bedbugs. We don't want bedbugs just like you don't want bedbugs. I can think of at least two occasions when we have had a bedbug skitter across the triage desk. GROSS. Not only have you brought us an unwanted vermin but now I am going to be scratching myself all day just because of the idea that a bedbug is living in triage.

When you come to the hospital with bedbugs we have to follow a special procedure. The room has to be specially cleaned now. Housekeeping does it. You know how slow housekeeping is. That room is closed until it is done. So grandma can't get into the ER. That's her sitting in the lobby waiting until your room has been cleaned.

SO PLEASE DON'T COME. Oh and while I'm at it, don't come for lice, scabies or "spider bites" either. Unless your rash is infected, go to a drugstore or call your own doctor. Thank you on behalf of ERs everywhere...


Nurse K said...

I had one the other day put her hands in her (really long) hair and shake her head like a dog when I walked into the room and say, "Can you see any bugs?? Look in my hair! [shake, shake]"

Like, seriously? I just jumped back and said, "Don't ever do that again, okay?"

rnraquel said...


Miss B. Havior said...

Here in Hooterville, we have an excellent Doc, who upon hearing there are bedbugs/scabies/lice in triage, will have us place the patient back into their vehicle (or the bench outside our front door) and treat them curbside. Just like at Sonic! At least only one room has to be terminally cleaned.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Shouldn't you just zip the patient up in a nice airtight plastic bag and leave them in it for a day or two?

Anonymous said...

I had a pt with scabies recently who was so dramatic (i.e. Meth) the doctor ordered IV benadryl, solu medrol AND dilaudid. Really?! She got a 16 gauge, you never know when a pt with critters might develop an actual emergency - it's important to be prepared. I'm enjoying your blog, just found it today. NurseTealy

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I spent the night in a hotel and am now covered in hives I did not see any bugs but now I'm covered in hives and so insanely uncomfortable I want to peel my skin off. This is not anything like a typical reaction I've been reading about and your telling me to stay away from a medical facility cuz I'm gross and infested

Anonymous said...

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