Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've been traumatized

I feel traumatized by the Trauma Nurse Core Course. You know that course we all have to take every 4 years? Am I just getting old or has this shit got harder? It feels a lot harder than ACLS/PALS. Seriously. Some of the questions on the written test were: WTF?

When I got the materials, there was a pretest as part of it. The first frickin' question was: "The following is a sign/symptom of a diffuse axonal brain injury:". Then there were options to choose from. My thought: What the fuck is an axonal brain injury??? Turns out its a big brain injury that leaves the majority of people dead or in a vegetative state. And that questions was only the beginning.

ACLS has lightened up quite a bit. It has become a lot less intimidating than in past years. They really want you to pass. TNCC is not like that. Its a lot of information and if you don't retain it, too bad for you. You go back to the remedial class. Heh.

I was waiting with another nurse to do the practical test where you go through assessment and interventions in front of the teacher. The nurse I was with said she felt like she was going to throw up. What's the point of putting people in that kind of condition?

By the way, I passed it. Now I have PTSD.


The HipCrip said...

The point is that remembering what to do in a controlled environment like a classroom assessment exercise is child's play compared to the tension and importance of remembering what to do when caring for someone whose life hangs in the balance from real trauma.

Not everyone is cut out to do trauma care. Frankly, I'd much rather have those who lose it from stress during a practical exam fail and be weeded out than put my life in their hands when I'm near death after a trauma.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"anoxal" I understand to mean "no oxygen", hence the brain death.

Anonymous said...

Yes "anoxal" if it were a word, would probably have something to do with not having oxygen, but the word is "AXONAL," as in axons. DAI happens when there is a disruption of the axons of the brain, most commonly from a traumatic shearing accident (car accident, shaken baby syndrome, etc).