Thursday, March 01, 2012


I don't do disclaimers. I don't have a HIPAA disclaimer. But alas, due to the concern of a reader, I feel the need to make a disclaimer about my own personality...

I no doubt come off as a cynical, hard, burned out nurse bitch on this blog who thinks everyone I take care of is basically an idiot. True that (guffaw). Not really. I am basically a cupcake with a gooey creamy center of goodness.

I really don't hate the patients, I just don't like them. Bada bing. Seriously, most of the people I deal with are decent and believe it or not I think that humanity as a whole is basically decent.
My job is hard. Very hard. People in crisis are difficult to deal with. This blog reflects that. I talk about the more difficult and yes, idiotic among us, because it is more fun to talk abou them. It entertains me and you. I am prone to a bit of sarcasm, (ya think?) and even dramatic licence on this blog at times. (REALLY???)

So relax, sit back, enjoy. I go to work every day, do the best I can and go home just like everybody else. I can't help it if I work in a circuslike atmosphere and enjoy talking about the more bizarre aspects of it. So shoot me.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Your blog and your stories entertain this old
ED member from a long time ago in a faraway place.

Phiddy said...

No stop.... do not change what you write of. I enjoy reading your blog and the cynicism and sarcasm are what make your blog so entertaining.
From an ex-ICU RN where circuses were a daily happening.