Saturday, March 17, 2012

I been robbed, I say, I been robbed

Here are the top ten things stolen from our emergency room:

1) syringes - before drawers were locked

2) linen - sheets, towels and wash cloths

3) phones off the wall

4) fetal doppler

5) lap top

6) bandaids, bandages

7) box lunches

8) gowns

9) oximeter

10) staff purse

Extra added bonus points:


ornaments off Christmas tree in lobby


rnraquel said...

We have had people take entire boxes of gloves.
When we got tv's, all the remotes were gone within a week.

Dan said...

"4) fetal doppler"

Not in your industry, so this one perplexes me.Any idea why someone would steal this? Is there some street use for it, or a fetal doppler black market somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Someone stole our speculum light! I wonder if they realize how many vaginas it has been in?

Anonymous said...

I have the gowns......

sports handicapping services said...

hello this is the last straw in a stolen hospital where we end up?