Wednesday, March 14, 2012

you ain't fooling anybody

I find myself with an eerie sense of foreboding these days. Along with that eerie feeling, comes anger and yes, fear. Something bad is going to happen. The universe has to right itself and all that shit.

You see, dear readers, yours truly lives in the frozen tundra, way up north, so far north you would never even think of going there for fear of becoming a popsicle. (and thats the way we want it)

What usually happens in the frozen tundra in the winter, I say what usually happens in the frozen tundra in the winter? (shout out to Foghorn Leghorn) Thats right, all ye who read this blog, thats righ - snow, cold, ice, wind. But alas, this year we never had more than 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. No cold, some ice, little wind. Its like the universe has turned upside down and we are having fall in winter.

TODAY, MARCH 14, 2012 I ACTUALLY WENT OUT WITHOUT A COAT. NO COAT, people. It is 68 balmy degrees outside. There is no snow, no ice. The trees are budding. They too have been fooled.

Here's the thing, I am not fooled. I have lived here too long, suffered too much. I KNOW we will pay the price for this brief respite. I haven't yet put away my galoshes, my hand warmers, my shovel. YOU DON'T FOOL ME MOTHER NATURE. I am on to you. Next week I anticipate 2 feet of snow. It is basketball tournament time and we all know what happens then: blizzard.

All the other fools are gleefully frolicing through the dead grass. They have put away their moon boots. Not I. I stand ready, poised for the deluge I know is coming.

I'm scared.


The HipCrip said...

Your shout-out should go to Foghorn Leghorn. He's the one, I say he's the one with that vocal tic.

I second your fears about Mother Nature exacting a heavy price for this early taste of spring. I grew up in Michigan. Every early spring also brought with it one last big snow storm for the year, usually just in time for my late-April birthday.

Anonymous said...

It was 80 here today. I don't remember it ever being 80 in March. I do remember having lake effect snow and getting 2 feet of snow dumped on my area in 1 day tho. I know what weather is more likely...

Scrubs said...

Hopefully the snow stays away! It is much too nice to have to go back to snow boots and thick jackets.

girlvet said...

Hip Crip

I stand corrected. I made the necessary changes. My apologies to Foghorn J. Leghorn...I do declare!

Anonymous said...

Past experience with Canadian winters says that you are wise beyond your years. Don't believe the hype.

Pharm. Tech. RDC'06

Jon said...

I'm waiting for the Great Easter Blizzard of 2012...


Meghan said...

Anonymous must be near me, I'm at my folk's house near South Bend. I'm staying here for a week- so when I packed last Fri, they were calling for upper 60's, low 70's- so I didn't worry about bringing summer clothes with us. My poor kiddos have been sweating on the playground in their long sleeve tees and jeans! I haven't even bought the baby a hat yet.
Oh well, lets just enjoy it while it lasts, and when it's 40 degrees on my bday (Memorial day), I'll try and remember this.