Sunday, March 17, 2013

Its like I'm a normal person or something

There is an ER God after all.  How do I know? Today was a day of respite.  It was mysteriously slow.  A welcome departure from the two days I worked  this past week which sucked.

I should have known the day would be different when I walked to the back of the ER and there were no drunks sleeping it off.  And last night being St Patricks eve and all....weird.

I worked in triage and I didn't turn into the incredible hulk like I usually do.

I didn't go home mentally and physically exhausted. I wasn't gnarly with my family like I usually am.  I haven't said: "I HATE THAT PLACE!" once since I have been home. Its like I am a normal person or something. Very strange.  A feeling I don't often have.

When there is a rare day like this, I say to my co-workers that the world has come to an end and we are the only ones left alive...thats what it feels like.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the silence - you know it won't last long.

Pharm.Tech. RDC'06

Lucinda Peterson said...

It is amazing how ER nurses feel and think so much alike. I work in Las Vegas, NV, and my ER is not much different from yours. I love reading your blog; it actually makes me feel that being jaded is a normal part of being an ER nurse, or maybe it's just that "jaded" loves company.
Thank you, Lucy