Monday, March 25, 2013

the spice of life

The thing about working in the ER a certain amount of time is you could walk in with two heads and I would say: okay...what can I for you? Just when you thought you seen it all, in walks somethin' you ain't never seen before.

So I'm sitting at the triage desk and you walk in. To say that you are "different" is to understate it. Shall we say that your fashion presentation is a little out there on the edge? The edge where no one else has been and won't go.  Lets put it this way:  You are a combination of lady gaga and cindy lauper with a dash of street hooker thrown in.

You are, shall we say, UPSET?!!!!  Only your upset is different than other peoples upset.
Your upset is theater.  The angst is off the charts.  Your arms flail, your face contorts. You tell me your problem which is equally bizarre.

You are eventually discharged after being evaluated mentally and physically.   I love people like you .  Variety is the spice of an ER nurses life.

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