Wednesday, July 31, 2013

weird blog post # 678

I made an interesting discovery yesterday that has nothing to do with the blog, and yet it does.  I was on my way to a store and noticed a store that sold coffins.  Well...thats a new one.  I have never seen a coffin shop before.

On the window was marked "coffins for $95".   Man, that's cheap.  You don't get much of a coffin for $95. Probably made of plywood.  Your family has to be really down and out to buy a $95 coffin.

Coffins are really weird.  Its like they are a measure of how much you loved the person, how much they meant to you.  Stupid as that is.  Its really pretty ridiculous.  Spending all that money on something that is going six feet under to rot.   Imagine the billions of dollars in the ground.

The thing about it is, whether you buy a gold plated coffin or a plywood coffin, everybody is equal when we're six feet under.

What a weird blog post....I couldn't resist looking up some weird coffins.  Here are three of my favorites:


Mal said...

They should rent coffins for the funeral, then swap them out after everyone leaves. Nice presentation, and then economically and environmentaly friendly.
Basically, families are shocked and grieving, and the funeral director hard-sells them hugely expensive coffins as 'the last gift you can give your loved one'.
I think it sucks.

I have instructed my family to donate whatever body parts are useful, and cremate the rest in a carboard coffin.
Memorial party in my flat instead of a funeral, lots of food, the music I liked, and people can take away a piece of my artwork, or one of my belongings as a memorial. No headstone, but they can plant a tree in my memory. Preferably a fruiting cherry.
My money is to be used to pay any debts, and the remainder goes with my cat to pay her expenses for the remainder of her natural life. No one likes my cat, so it's effectively a bribe to ensure her a home.

WhiteCoat said...

If my family put me in any of those coffins, I'd pull a Jacob Marley in chains on every one of their asses every night of their lives until the Lord Jesus Himself told me to stop.

I like Mal's idea of renting coffins and then using the used Christmas tree boxes. I'm sure some coroners already do this.

Nana said...

In the Jewish tradition, all are equal in death, and the body is to 'return to dust.' Dead person in a plain shroud; pine box, unlined, put together with no nails. No flowers; no singing at the service. Buried within a day of death (usually). Best thing to leave behind? A good name.
and my captcha word is heventy.