Tuesday, July 23, 2013

you move to the suburbs to avoid them

Is it just my imagination or do people get more down and out as the days go by?  Maybe its just that my ER is attracting more of  the down and out.  When I say down and out, I mean DOWN and OUT.  As in living on the low rung of society and barely clinging to that.   We're talking middle aged crackheads, people who are homeless alcoholics and every couple of weeks go to a different hospital claiming to be suicidal, people who choose not to bathe, the mentally ill off their meds, teenage runaways,etc.  I am seeing  more and more of them, those on the losing end of society. These are the people you move to the suburbs to avoid.  You cross the street when you see them.  You roll up your window when they are begging for money at the freeway entrance. You shoo your kids away.  I deal with them everyday...

Its sad, pathetic, troubling.  Its tiring. They are difficult to deal with.  We are not going to do much for them, unfortunately, but send them on their way to work toward their next fix or drink.

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Mark p.s.2 said...

Manufacturing jobs went to Bangladesh and other countries. The Government has to impose duties/tarifs/taxes on these imported goods to keep the incentive for manufacturing jobs in America.
25 November 2012"More than 100 die in garment factory fire, the deadliest in Bangladesh's history"
+ "910 people were killed in a factory collapse."

Where they work for a dollar a day.

The city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy, you must have heard.