Monday, September 08, 2014

oh by the way, the guy in the ambulance with the headache is a violent drunk

Sometimes I hate medic control.  Medic control is the county dispatching system in our area. They call us when an ambulance is coming to us.  They give us age, problem, ETA, triage level.

Here's the thing: THEY OFTEN  DON'T GIVE US ENOUGH INFO...  It is triage's job to decide where everybody goes, when they go.  The sickest go first.  As you can imagine, a lot of the times the rooms are all full.  So people go to the lobby. When we are full and an ambulance is coming in, sometimes we have to move people around or put them in the hall to accomodate it.  Sometimes we triage them and put them in the lobby if they called an ambulance for some numbskull reason like a sore throat, toothache, stubbed toe.  Or we might send the ambulance to urgent care.

Well here's what happens: We get the call, ambulance on its way in with headache or constipation. Okay, no rooms.  We'll triage them and put them in the lobby.  So here comes the ambulance. Oh what's this...that headache is sloppy drunk.  That UTI is a quadriplegic.  That sore throat has cerebal palsy.  In other words, they ain't going to the lobby.

So we now have medics with a patient on a cart with no place to put them.  GRRRRRR.....this pisses me off.  I have to tell the charge and either rooms are rearranged while the medics sit there or we triage them and stick that foul drunk or poor quadriplegic in back of triage while we mo ve rooms.

Why doesn't medic control tell us these LITTLE details?  I haven't got a clue....I know you work really hard. I know you have a really stressful job.  All I want is to add drunk to that headache, quadriplegic to that UTI...thats all.


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