Wednesday, November 05, 2014

more education = more money

Hospital jobs are increasingly calling for a bachelors degree in nursing.  At least where I live. I think its a good idea. If nurses want to be taken seriously we have to have the education. I am not saying that two year nurses aren't very good nurses. They are.  Nursing is increasingly complex and if we want to keep our place in it, we have to keep up.

BTW, I am a 2 year nurse.

So if nursing is going to a bachelors degree standard, then it makes sense that nurses should be making more money. If you have more education you make more money.  Right now bachelors degree nurses make about 1.50 more an hour where work.  One fifty an hour for two more years of school, two more years of debt. Hardly worth it.

When you have more knowledge you make more money. There are many studies on how people with educations make more money than those who have none. From what I have seen those with a bachelors degree make about 1/3 more than those with an associates degree.  So lets say the average salary in the US for nurses is 65,000 with a combination of associate, diploma and BSN workforce. . The bachelor degree nurses should be making at least 20,000 dollars more than the associate degree or diploma nurses. Now that would be an incentive to further your education.

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