Wednesday, January 04, 2012

5 rules of ER

Because I feel lazy tonight, I have shamelessly plagarized the following 5 rules of ER from ENW humor
.So what.
1) If it requires the ambulance team and entire truck crew of firefighters to transport you and safely place you on a hospital stretcher, it is time to go on a diet.

2)If you are well enough to complain about the wait, you are well enough to go home.

3)We know how many times you've been to an ER. We can usually tell if you are faking it during the first 5 seconds of talking to you. Do not lie to us. If you lie about one thing, we will have to assume you are lying about everything. You don't want that.

4)If you want something, be nice. I will go out of my way to piss off rude people.

5)Please don't bring in a "show and tell". If you have to fish it out of the toilet, it's really not necessary to bring it in, we will take your word. If you did fish something out of the toilet, you may not use my pen.


jimbo26 said...

Ref: #3) Dr House " everybody lies " . ;-)

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FabulousRN said...

HA! Love it! So fucking true! I can't even imagine all the madness/insanity that comes in the ER.

Scrubs said...

#4 is so true. It astounds me how rude people can be to nurses!