Sunday, January 29, 2012

gaming the system

She presents with "back pain". Sitting in the triage chair she says just to check her vitals to see if she is okay. Vitals are of course, normal. She asks if there was something wrong with her heart, the vitals would catch it right? Ponders deeply whether she should be seen.

I can't make that decision, you have to decide. States she will go to the waiting room to think about it. Comes to the desk and asks to use the phone to call for a med cab home. Med cab company calls and is told patient was never actually seen in the ER. They won't come.

Guess what? She wants to be seen. Big surpise huh? She decided this could be her heart, she has had an irregular rate in the past. EKG done in triage = normal. Big shocker that.

You have just witnessed the most expensive cab ride you will ever hear of - about $2,000. All of it will be billed to you - the taxpayer.

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Anonymous said...

At least she didn't call an ambulance to get TO the ER...