Thursday, February 16, 2012

shabby chic it ain't

My morale is in the toilet.

I work in an ER that is falling apart, shabby, embarassing really. Every year they try to get money for a new ER. This year we were told - BEST CHANCE YET - yeah, this is our year. Not. Again refused.

Our ER is too small for the amount of patients we get. It is inefficient. It is congested. The way it is set up makes the environment more stressful.

Every other ER in our "corporation" has been remodeled. Makes me wonder what is going on. Why would you want an area that admits at least 30% of patients to be in this kind of shape?

I wonder if it is because we are in the inner city, in the ghetto, lots of uninsured patients, or patients on medicaid or medicare with its low reimbursement.

Anyway, why should the employees care if the mangement doesn't? Maybe I should move on.


Nurse K said...

Uh, you're talking out both sides of your mouth. See the "Lipstick on a Pig" post below.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please move on.

Anonymous said...

If neither the employees nor the management care, why on Earth would your readers?

Dunbarwcpx said...

Yes, please move on.