Sunday, February 19, 2012

you ain't who you say you are

Some drug seekers are really stupid. They don't realize that we have access to other hospitals records these days. They are very easy to get.

Within our corporate system, which has at least 5 hospitals, your records as at our fingertips. We also can get records from other hospitals in the city, with your permission of course, on the computer. If you got nothing to hide, why would you say no to this?

So when I go to arrive you and I find two of you on the computer, my antenna goes up. Same name, same address, same brithdate, different social security number. Then, Mr. patient I ask you your social and you give me the one that has no previous records. Out to the waiting room with you.

I mention this to registration. It seems the other record - you part 2 - has all of your previous records on it. You fail to mention all of these visits at the other hospital of course.

So you gave me a bogus social security number. Oh whats this....I go to the waiting room and you are no where to be found..where'd you go? You left us. Darn.


Anonymous said...

I once had a drug seeker check in for the second time that day using his real name. He had used a different name the first time (even though he was well known to ED staff). I asked him what had changed between visits other than his name...

He admitted lying earlier and said he was just trying to get drugs. He did not get them and now he was hoping to get them by being "honest".

He did not get drugs the second time either.

hoodnurse said...

We had a little sorority girl looking drug seeker like this that used to come in all the time who tried to pull this little trick once. Homegirl obviously did not realize the bleach blonde spray tan rich girl look was a rather distinctive one in the middle of the hood. One of the nurses brought it to the doc's attention, who promptly chewed her out and told her all this crap about how she was going to go in the book all the doctors keep and she would never receive pain medicine at any of our facilities again. Totally not true, but haven't seen her since.

Anonymous said...

What's even more ridiculous is when they give a fake address and no phone number. Now when your lab report comes back 4 days later and i see that you have chlamydia i have no eay to tell you that. Oh, and by the way you still have it cuz the er dr didnt treat you for it.