Saturday, February 18, 2012

there's no peace in the bathroom anymore**

There's not even any peace in the toilet where I work. There is a giant bulletin board in there posted with changes to things around work.

A recent highlight:
Once again, committees have met. Protocols have been changed. Approvals have been sought...
The hospital is CHANGING TO A NEW ADULT DIAPER, a product near and dear to every nurses heart. This one will be new and improved according to the poster. Yeah, I say! Who doesn't want a new and improved adult diaper..but that isn't all says the poster, let us give you the physiology behind why this is an improved diaper.

I don't want to know the physiology behind why this diaper holds more urine, contains it better. Just supply me with the damn thing and I will ooh and aah at the appropriate time.

This is what is happening in hospitals these days. EVERYTHING that changes, no matter how small, has become a BIG DEAL that requires paragraphs of explanation. I get the feeling that people who make these little decisions feel the need to justify the change or their jobs so they come up with these elaborate explanations for the change.

I long for the old days when it went like this:

Attn: nursing staff
Re: adults diapers

We will be using a new kind of adult diaper. It will be in the same place.

Thats it. Thats all you have to tell us. No physiology. No quiz.

**This picture is of women modeling the latest in adult diapers at a fashion show in Japan.


EDNurseasauras said...

Yeah, I have a problem with potty notes too. The one place where I can escape and it is filled with workplace crap. On so many levels.

Anonymous said...

Advanced practice nurses put in a lot of time studying shit so that they can make your life "easier" and have improved patient outcomes that can then be published.

Rottman said...

I actually thing it's very important understanding the "science" and thought put into it in order to know what to explain to your patients, this way you can also include some humor and make the unpleasant experience less uncomfortable.
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Anonymous said...

The word "physiology": you're doing it wrong.