Monday, April 02, 2012

all nuts, all the time

Man I have had some really weird patients lately.

Someone ran out of their room, heading for the door and was tackled by security. Almost hurtled over a bed coming around the corner. After the patient in the bed saw the person running, they got up and ran to the main lobby thinking that some criminal was escaping.

One of my patients through a phone receiver into the wall as hard as they could.

Then there was the person who doing acrobatics on ER cart in a fit of rage. Of course they took their clothes off before the acrobatics began.

I had somebody who was out of it and would literally not sit still. Restraints weren't an option.

People yelling at the top of their lungs because they didn't get admitted/didn't get the narcotic script they wanted, having to be escorted out by security.

People smoking in the bathroom.

Scary ex convicts with a pensity for violence needing to be restrained.

All this in the last 10 days. Has the world gone nuts?


rnraquel said...

In Florida too! And look at the goofy stuff happening on airplanes.

Wildrow12 said...

Tell me about it! In the last four days we've had:

-three assaults by violet patients.
-a suicide (via sweat pants strangulation)
-a patient throwing herself on the ground trying consciously to smash her skull open.

Did David Lynch suddenly take over reality?

Anonymous said...

I fully agree... The world has lost their minds