Saturday, April 28, 2012

nursing thy name is Madness

Dear Madness the nurse:

I am a second year nursing student and I look to you as a role model. To me, you are the epitome of what a nurse is. Thank you for being an inspiration.


A Secret Admirer

Dear S. Admirer:

Oh, I do declare, you make blush..I do leave the other nurses in the dust don't I? A familiar scene in my ER: Me doing CPR with one hand, pushes meds with the other, on the phone to lab, shouting orders to the lesser minions, all while dancing a jig.


Dear Madness the nurse:

Nurses uniforms have changed so much over the years. They have gone from looking like a nun to scrubs with cartoon characters. In your opinion, what is the proper uniform for a nurse?


Just Curious

Dear J. Curious:

I have been wanting to speak about this subject for a long time. The only proper uniform for a nurse is a polyester dress with a zipper up the front. Its all that I will wear. Of course, I wear a starched cap, white hose and white "nursing shoes". I of course, carry a fanny pack. I think nurses who carry fanny packs look so professional. Here is what I have in it:

kelly clamp
alcohol wipes
emesis basin
bed pan
IV catheters
nasal cannula
neb kit
IV bag
IV tubing
eye drops
breath mints
snickers bar
diet pepsi
toothbrush and toothpaste
cell phone

I know thats a lot of stuff...its a very large fanny pack, more like a back pack...quite unweildly at has saved many a life.


Anonymous said...

My mother, a retired R.N. of the white-from-cap-to-shoes generation, thinks nurses today loom like cleaning ladies. I don't care what they wear — only that they know what they're doing.


Anonymous said...

And by the way, many of nurses WERE nuns — of the Sisters of Providence, who founded and operated hospitals and nursing schools.

Miss B. Havior said...

Here in Mayberry, we ain't got no public water. Now one day those savvy Nurse Administrators, which all graduated when dinosaurs roamed the earth, decided all professional Nursy types should wear white. So we all happily bought new uniforms. It took all of one month, for the color to change on all them uniforms to dirty dish yellow, because we were all washin' in well water. Something clorox can't change.

Anonymous said...

Hey miss b. Iron Out in the wash will remove that yellow...had a yellow colored uniform in nursing school for 2 years before someone told me that lol now I graduated and wear whatever color I like.

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