Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 positive things about nursing by that cynical bitch Madness

I'm a bitchy, naughty, cynical, crusty old nurse who does a lot of complaining and ranting about how bad nursing is. So I have decided to atone just for one day. I have somehow (it wasn't easy) come up with ten things that are positive about nursing. So there. I too can be positive. Believe it or not. PSFFFTT! (Thats me sticking out my tongue..)

1) FLEXIBILITY - You can work a variety of shifts and hours. For example I work 9 am to 9 pm.
2) VARIETY OF JOBS - In nursing there are so many different things to do - hospital, clinic, schools, nursing homes, private duty, military and many many more. If you don't like one area you can move to another.
3) CHALLENGING - If you like a challenge, nursing is the job for you. A challenge it is. It is always changing, you are always learning something new.
4) NEVER ROUTINE - I suppose some nursing jobs can be routine, but most are different day to day, because you are meeting different people day to day, doing different things day to day.
5) DIVERSITY - You can meet and talk to people from every walk of life from the crackhead to the US Senator. Some people are really interesting.
6) PERSPECTIVE - Nursing gives you a real perspective on your own life. It makes you realize how lucky you are that you and your family are healthy and mostly happy. Lots of people aren't.
7) A LIFE WELL LIVED - As a nurse you can feel good about helping people, relieving pain, listening to people, educating them. You have spent your life doing something that benefits humanity.
8) JOB SECURITY - There will always be a need for nurses. Another shortage is coming.
9) FUN CO-WORKERS - People who do this kind of job are nice. They have a sense of humor. They are interesting. They are open. They are opinionated. They are the best part of the job.
10) UNIFORMS - You don't have to come up with, or spend money on, outfits for work. You just throw on scrubs and you're good to go.


EDNurseasauras said...

Thanks, needed this today!

Lisa said...

Thanks, I needed to read this! Btw, I love your jewelry.

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