Tuesday, May 29, 2012

that other ER

When you come to triage and say:

"I didn't have a good experience at that other ER".

"They didn't do anything at that other ER".

We translate that to mean:

1) You didn't get what you wanted, probably narcotics.
2) They didn't tell you what you wanted to hear, that you are really sick.
3) They didn't treat you like the King or Queen that you obviously are.


Anonymous said...

There's a local hospital where either of those 2 statements just means they didn't main or kill you. (not joking I know someone they broke a bone and someone they managed to give an infection to that killed them via a feeding tube.) Everyone who knows anything medical stays the h*ll away from that place.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it means that the patient had a negative care experience (oh, I dunno, by someone like you?) and is hoping for better. That's clearly not gonna happen if they run into you, is it?