Monday, May 14, 2012

South Central vs Beverly Hills

My husband has a relative in the hospital where I work. His relative is in the NICE money making part of the hospital. In that part there are hardwood floors, flat screen TVs, private rooms, fireplaces, mini bars, rec rooms...on those floors the housekeeper is called an environmental specialist, the dietary aide a personal chef, the nursing assistant a valet, the nurse a health concierge, the chaplain a spiritual adviser,iyou get the idea.. the patient is called a guest. Healing touch, aromotherapy, shit, somebody will walk on your back if you want them to. Its all very calm and serene.

So when he visited the relative while I was working, he stopped by the ER the NOT SO NICE part of the hospital, and was struck by the contrast between us and the NICE part of the hospital. In ER there is brown linoleium and walls, a couple of tvs in the lobby bolted to the ceiling, Yes we have private rooms, but you have to wait to get one in the lobby and you may be moved out of it into the hall. The only warming fire we have is if somebody lights a cigarette in the bathroom. As far as refreshments - juice and water, thats it. There is no recreation unless you consider what goes on at the triage windown and in the lobby recreation.

The nurse is a bitch, sometimes a fat bitch, a racist bitch. The housekeeper is just that, a housekeeper. Theres no personal chef, only a box lunch with a plastic cover. The EMT is a tech, The chaplain might come if you died.

In other words its like contrasting South Central and Beverly Hills.

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